Monday, April 18, 2011

Writer's Best Friend

In my previous post you might remember that I mentioned one of my two principles of writing, Observation. I also mentioned that a way to "observe" was reading. I will apologize because I kind of undersold the importance of reading. So let me extrapolate on what I was talking about. Whether you believe in evolution or creation certainly you can agree that animals and humans learn by mimicry. Toddlers learn to talk by being exposed to people that are having conversations. For instance, my 1 year old niece has a set of French grandparents, a spanish babysitter, and my English speaking family. For a while we couldn't figure out what she was saying when she wanted something. She would make these sounds that we assumed were gibberish, but two days ago we found out that it was actually the French word for give. You see, babies absorb knowledge by observing people around them. The same applies to writers. Writers in short are like babies, they need to read because that is how they learn how to write. They take pieces of the authors style and writing and make it their own. That is how writers improve and develop their style. So naturally you can see how reading is important to the writing craft. I try to read as much as possible in what little spare time I have so that I can improve as well. I am a good writer, not great, but good; but I can always get better and that is what reading is for.


  1. That's adorable~ Your niece is bilingual already xD

  2. Trilingual actually. She speaks a little bit of spanish too. She loves to read before she goes to bed. She will snuggle up to me and say "OOK!" while pointing at the bookshelf. Then we read through a half dozen books before she is satisfied and then goes off to do something else. She still can't say my name yet though