Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Issuing Assignments

Who knew writing NPCs for four individual story paths could be so difficult and taxing? Joking, I expected that it would be this way, which is why I have tasked my team with thinking up character concepts that they would like included in the game as NPCs. My goal is to average about 40 NPCs with each character having about 5 unique NPCs for their story path. The rest will be recycled across the different story paths. That way you get new content in the form of new NPCs for each playthrough. Each of the unique NPCs will have a deeper story than the rest of the recycled NPCs. This project is ambitious in its writing and I am taking the brunt of the work onto my myself, but I want to keep the team involved in the story. I am not an infallible writer so having everyone pitch in will help a great deal.


  1. He says "Everyone" and hasn't introduced me to anyone else besides me, I'd like to add XD

    I'll get started soon, boss~

    1. Well I can't help it if you are always busy :P

    2. And I am not your boss, I am your partner. We all have equal stakes in this :)

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