Saturday, April 7, 2012

Monster Sneak Peak Sketches

I managed to scrounge up some old sketches that WolfenAmpithere drew for me a while back of a couple concept ideas we had for monsters. I have two of em for ya all to see:

This here is called a Creeper, I took inspiration from geckos and various other reptiles that can climb on nearly any surface and this is what came out of WA's brain when I described it. Creeper's are superfast and you will never hear them coming until it's too late!

You may not be surprised to know that we took inspiration from Pokemon when coming up with this monster. This monstrosity is called a Rasper. Rasper's are covered in nasty boils and recesses that emit a poisonous gas that poisons foes and obscures vision. But it can always be heard before it is seen, thank goodness for small miracles eh?

So there you go, two sketches a la carte. More will come folks so stay tuned!


  1. ...I do not remember being inspired by pokemon, rofl

  2. We totally were...or at least I was when I told you about the monster. You probably weren't listening, AS USUAL :P